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About conference

Conference: 'Acting upon Reality'
Łopuszna, 18th - 22nd April 2007

MASN is European network of Social and Cultural Anthropology students and graduates. Our aim is to build up, maintain and extend a social and communicative network for anthropology students throughout Europe.

We are honoured to inform you that our conferences will be held under the patronage of:

- Professor Karol Musiol, PhD. Rector of the Jagiellonian University

- PhD. Jan Węgleński, professor of Warsaw University, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology. UW
- PhD. Maria Flis, professor of Jagiellonian University, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy UJ
- PhD. Andrzej Kazimierz Banach, professor of Jagiellonian University, dean of the Faculty of History UJ
- Professor Czesław Robotycki, PhD. Director of Ethnology and Anthropology Institute UJ



How does it work?
First the titles of the conference and conference days are chosen all together by MASN members. Then we do everything to spread the information about call for papers over Europe and further. After that we wait for your feedbacks and absracts. Abstracts are coded and sent out to various MASN members who voluntered to give opinions about abstracts. On that basis conference detailed schedule is setted up. We spread it over and wait for applications of non-presenters. For the third symposium, which will be held in Małopolska (Little Poland), the organizing team has decided on the following set of topics:

Day 1 : Fieldwork and Beyond
In this topic we invite you to show a methodology and results of anthropological research. The conceptualization and operationalization of the investigated question, a practice of field research, the lack of coherence between the original assumptions and the environment found will be the subjects raised (hopefully). As a modern anthropologist investigates groups of immigrants, particular subcultures, relations between believers of different religions, the mutual influence of cultures and interference between them we would like to invite students, graduates and Ph.D. students of anthropological and sociological faculties to show how an experience of field research as well as particular theoretical knowledge helps the anthropologist to understand social changes and gives him/her unique skills required to work in the third sector. That's why the word "beyond" in the topic.

Day 2 : Multiculturalism: a real chance or intellectual invention?
Currently cultural diversity in European societies has different forms. Various experience of the countries with growing immigrant groups is based not only on different geopolitical conditions, but also on different integration politics and agendas provided to the societies. What is more important different groups interfere differently with each other. We invite you to send abstracts of projects which will be an attempt of answer to the question if multiculturalism is suitable solution for the cultural diversity of the societies or should we reject it? We are looking forward to presentations covering problems of the existence of small groups caused by their cultural difference from the rest of the society or your approaches towards multicultural islands. Further more you are welcome to interest us either with analyses of state politics and its influence for immigrants life or theoretical deduction giving us for example answer when anthropologist should stop estimating social integration and focus on social cohesion.

Day 3 : Anthropology of performance
The subcultures and social groups are focused on different artistic undertakings, innovative ways of expression. This is not only a rich source of knowledge about the individual and group identity. In this topic we invite you to send abstracts treating anthropological grasp of every manifestation and mechanisms of functioning of popular, high or alternative culture in modern world. We are interested in application of anthropological perspective to analyze theatres, shows, music, film, painting and even happenings. The object may be every artist, every creative groups and their products.