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Place of conference

For the 3rd MASN Conference we have chosen a Natanael Hotel in a beautiful village of Łopuszna.

Łopuszna is situated near Nowy Targ, about 86 km away form Krakow. The village lies in the Gorce Mountains - a National Park and one of the most beautiful regions of Poland. The mountains are not the highest one but very picturesque and there will be plenty of places to unwind after intellectually intensive conference sessions. Moreover Łopuszna is the center of Polish folk culture and the participants will surely have a possibility to experience it (you will see what we mean).

As far as the hotel ( is concerned, the good news is that we will have the whole place for our own! It includes wireless internet connection in the hotel area, comfortable and well equipped conference room, light and big dining-room, a café, sauna, a place to play table tennis and a terrace with an outstanding view on the Tatra Mountains. The accommodation will take place in 2- or 3-bed rooms with bathrooms. Everything designed in Polish highland style.

Participation fee:
For those who have a presentation/workshop etc.: 30 euro
For participants who don`t present anything (first 20 applications): 60 euro
For participants who don`t present anything (after the 20th person): 80 euro

How to get to Łopuszna?

Łopuszna, where the conference will be held, is situated 86 km from Cracow. Therefore first of all we'd like to give you some advices about how to find a cheap transport to Cracow.

By plane
There're several low-cost flights companies that arrive to Cracow and if you book your tickets now, you can find really good price.
Get a look on:

By train
You can find information about train connections by visiting; unfortunately, there's no information about prices of international trains. Anyway, usually there're some promotions (e.g. Vienna-Cracow - 29 euros) but the number of such tickets is limited.

By bus
The biggest bus company is Eurolines ( which provides its services on many routes. Also in this case there're many promotions, especially if you buy your ticket very early.

By car
Before you decide to come in car, please note that Polish roads are not the best one in Europe. - This web page might be helpful in planning your trip to Poland.

It usually works and it's definitely a very anthropological way for getting to the conference.

We will give you information about local transport from Cracow to Łopuszna in a further newsletter. By now please bare in mind that the last bus to Łopuszna leaves from Cracow about 22 p.m.